Support Black Mesa Resistance

Donation Supply Drive for Black Mesa Resistance Camp:

From our co-conspirators at K’É Infoshop:

Black Mesa Resistance Camp is requesting assistance. They are requesting witnesses to record and report human rights abuses, cattle theft, and sheep slaughter. If you are able, please bring recording equipment.

DURANGO, CO – Supplies from the below donation request list can be brought to the Durango Natural Foods Co-op deli, any time during regular business hours. Ask for Kelli or Kamaljit, or leave donations with deli workers. Thanks!

We are also setting up donation drop offs at the following locations:

SLC, UT at Black Thumb 131 W 2100 S,

PROVO, UT at 2626 N 850 W (leave by mail box)

FT DEFIANCE, AZ at 2169 Red Rock Circle.

WINDOW ROCK, AZ at K’e Infoshop (non perishable items only) (map)

Items requested:

FOOD: Potatoes, oats, beans, brown rice, peanut butter, white flour (bluebird), blue cornmeal, baking powder, grains, oil, canned foods, fruit and vegetables, meats that can be transported frozen or cold, dried milk, coffee, herbal teas, dry food, nuts.

ANIMAL NEEDS: harness for small horse or mule, hay for the livestock and food for do: gs and cats.

MEDICINE: Cedar, white sage, natural arthritis rubs, arnica/muscle easing salves, herbal teas and first aid

HARDWARE/TOOLS: Shears, axes, mauls, sledgehammers, shovels, pick axes, hammers, hand saws, chainsaws, hoes, pliers, wire cutters, nails, rope, sledgehammers, construction tools, drills, generators, and any tools for vehicle repair.


SUPPLIES TO TAKE DOWN IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON STAYING; trucks, chainsaws, axes, mauls, ax handles, shovel, tools of all kind, organic food, warm blankets, rain catchment equipment, solar panels, metal water containers, people skilled at maintaining rain catchments and solar panels, roofing repair, rolls of roofing paper, large rolls of plastic for insulation. BRING ENOUGH WATER FOR YOURSELF AND WHOEVER IS COMING WITH YOU for the duration of your stay.

We will be making several runs throughout the next few months, if you’d like to set up a location or are willing to haul supplies, please email or

More info:

Defend Black Mesa Sovereignty. Protect Dine Ways of Life

Extreme Drought Conditions on Black Mesa: Support Urgently Requested


The Frontlines Are Everywhere: Grand Jury Resistance Tour

5:30-7:30PM, Tuesday, April 11th, 2017. Room 130, Noble Hall, Fort Lewis College, 1000 Rim Drive, Durango, CO

From pipelines to courtrooms to prisons

Building strong movement defense

This Spring #NoDAPL water protectors and the Water Protector Anti-Repression Crew will be facilitating trainings across Turtle Island sharing knowledge about resistance to the grand jury convened against water protectors at Standing Rock. We want to build our capacities for strong movement defense against state repression.

Strong movements and interdependent relationships make attempts to shut down our struggle obsolete. Let’s build our capacity for defending our movements together!

This two-hour workshop is open to all who have participated in the movement at Standing Rock, those who have supported the efforts on the ground from their homes and territories elsewhere, as well as all those who wish to continue fighting on the many frontlines that continuing emerging across Turtle Island.

The fight isn’t over at Standing Rock, as nearly 800 Water Protectors continue their battles in the courtrooms with some facing federal felony indictments that carry a potential of 15 years in federal prison. The grand jury convened against water protectors continues as does the resistance to it. As extraction becomes the norm and the government ramps up its repression against those who stand in resistance, this workshop holds valuable information for those who struggle for Indigenous sovereignty, earth liberation and a future without oppression.


water protectors anti-repression tour dgo flyer